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 Here are some of parts and assemblies that I had drawn with No.1 program SolidWorks.
The program is middle class (higher than Autocad, for sure) and support formats: sldprt, sldasm, sldlft, slddrw, wrml, stl, dwg, dxf, ascii, parasolid.

These are the most used CAD programs: SolidWorks, ProEngineer, Catia, Autocad, Euclid, SolidEdge...

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14 APR 2006

water filters rendered with Photoworks 2
PhotoWorks2 in action.

with two lifting speeds
Rope hoist with monorail car - 1t.

Our hoist - VAT for 1t, FEM-2m
Picture of VAT.sldasm
(rope hoist) 

Click! It's not too complex. Electro motor with cylindrical rotor.
H13.sldasm with cylindrical rotor

Not finished yet F13
Internal look of F13.sldasm. My last work.

Just an idea for stapler :) and demo for medical syringe.

Wanna find answers? With this program you can do it.
check stress with DesignSpase

You can deside which configuration is more appropriate.
changing holes and finding answers how stress depends on holes

a good visualization
Wel, wel. How many colors are there:)

  Electro motor with cone rotor.
Another picture of AK100.sldasm with cone rotor

explore where are the weak areas
high potential stress

explore where are the strong areas
low potential stress

Click to see it. Electro motor with cone rotor.
Picture of AK100.sldasm

You can easily decide where

is the mold line.

The hook
Picture of 6,3t block hook.sldasm

an assembly file with 9 different sldprt files - first variant an sldasm with 17 different parts - for 3,2 tone weight
2 different ideas of block

the end variant - for 2 tone lifting weight Inside hook's mechanism... 2 radial lagers, 1 axial lager
hook for rope hoist and 5t - cutted

Click to download  KG1608allWrl.ZIP
assembled 1.734M

Click to download KG1608body.zip (WRL)
body 721KB (WRL)
Click to download KG 1608-6_Sh_b.zip (WRL)
back shield 667KB (WRL)

Click to see it. Electro motor with cone rotor.
Picture of K100.sldasm

Click to see it
Picture of cuted K100.sldasm
Click to see it
Picture of cuted AK100.sldasm
with cone rotor

And here is a Bulgarian "SolidWorks friends" site that may be interesting for you.
some solid modeling lessons
Solidprofessor demonstrates SW power
or... soon.

Feel free to send me all what you think.




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electrical motor with cone and cylindrical rotor, hoist, producer of motors, hoist manufacture, rope hoist production